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Global trends in population aging are clear: Population aging anticipated over the next fifty years has been described as unprecedented, pervasive, enduring, and with profound implications for many facets of human life. Our attitudes towards the aging and their social and medical care raise profound questions of ethics and social justice. Particular questions concerning moral and ethical aspects of health care as well as general questions that belong to bioethics or even metaethics are to be asked and may be even answered. As a consequence, we are organizing a two days meeting: "Ethics for an ageing world”. The subject is a broad one and we doubt that there are social and biomedical scientists or professionals who have not already seriously considered this theme. Nonetheless, there is remarkably little written about the topic. This occasion may be the right one for these experts to tell us what they think. The conference will take place close to University town of Greifswald in Heringsdorf, on the wonderful Island of Usedom in September 2010.

Registrations fees
Researchers and physicians
Early registration, before 1 August 2010: 150 EUR
Later registration, after 1 August 2010: 190 EUR

Day ticket: 100 EUR

Students and nurses
Early registration, before 1 August 2010: 50 EUR
Later registration, after 1 August 2010: 90 EUR

Day ticket: 50 EUR

Abstract/paper deadline: 15 August, 2010

Conference Summary

Subject: The meeting will focus upon questions of health and general well-being in those who are aging.

Purpose: We will examine ethical issues consequent to an aging population and how these relate to well-being and health.

Final aim: To articulate a framework for ethical recommendations relevant to health care (post hoc consensus guidelines for health and social work professionals).

Place: Greifswald tourist resort: Heringsdorf, Maritim Hotel, on the island Usedom 50 km east from Greifswald, on the refreshing coast of the Baltic Sea which is, at the time of meeting, quite agreeable. We look forward to an informal, relaxing, friendly conference among colleagues. Maybe no ties, no white shirts, no dinner jackets and butterflies.

Speakers: Moral philosophers, social scientists and ICU physicians.

Invited presentations: 22 speakers.  Each talk will be 30 minutes long. Invited speakers will also be welcomed to participate in 90 minutes round tables of 3-4 participants on the same day. (We will accommodate our speakers who may prefer to participate in some other manner or have a longer time to talk.) By preference, speakers can be clustered in the same session, so please do not hesitate to offer suggestions.  Arrangements are currently being finalized.

Free papers: 12-16 speakers. Short presentation of the pre-selected free papers (10-15 min.) which will also be published in the book of proceedings). The remaining peer reviewed and accepted abstracts will be presented as posters.

Workshops: Short workshops (60-90 min) with practical aims for health personnel will be held in the periods between main sessions. Our aim is to establish a framework for ethical recommendations relevant to health care in an aging world (post hock consensus guidelines for the health and social work professionals).

Public: The invited public will be international with some German predominance.  We expect visitors, physicians and medical personnel from European nations and beyond.

Publication: Proceedings will be published in a volume: Medical Ethics in an Ageing World.

Simultaneous translation: Will be available for all sessions (English, German).

Congress Language : German, English

Media: Local, national and international media will be invited to selected sessions.


Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine
Department of Ethics, Theory and History of life sciences
Institute for History of Medicine
Faculty of Philosophy

Ernst Moritz Arndt University, Greifswald, Germany

In cooperation with the Academy for Ethics in Medicine


supported by


Akademie für Ethik in der Medizin e. V.

Pabst Science Publishers

New !!! Ethics for an Ageing World 2011

International Conference
Greifswald (Heringsdorf, Island of Usedom) Germany
September 23-26, 2010

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