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Conference Location: Island Usedom

MARITIM Hotel Kaiserhof Heringsdorf

42 km of sandy beaches give you untarnished swimming fun from the northern tip of the island to the “3 Imperial Spas” ("3 Kaiserbäder"). The beach is broad and the water quality is first-class. And even if the sun is not shining, which does not occur very often in Germany’s sunniest region, and instead the wind is howling on the beach with the calm Baltic turning into a roaring mass of waves – the seaside does not lose any of its magic.Walk out onto the sea and see the coastline as if from a ship, without getting seasick – that’s possible from Usedom’s piers. The piers are the island’s trademark. At 508 metres, Heringsdorf pier is the longest in continental Europe.

The whole island is a true natural paradise. Flat sandy beaches, broad reed belts and spectacular cliffs separate the elements. Picturesque lakes nestle between the endless hilly green of the meadows, fields and woodlands in the calm and seclusion of the hinterland, whilst the often stormy waters of the Baltic Sea, the Peenestrom, and the Stettiner Haff embrace the island. By boat, by bike or on foot – there is more than just one way to discover the beauty of nature.

If you are interested in the promises of the Baltic Sea coast or want to explore the centre of the island, you will find plenty to do. But aside the leisure packet on offer for free by the nature, the island of Usedom has a lot more on offer. The magnificent examples of the famous seaside resort architecture are a glamorous backdrop to a stroll along the promenade. See the impressive number of accredited wellness hotels, which spark a pure firework of luxury, well-being offers. Museums, galleries and exhibitions have a huge array of things worth seeing and experiencing, from seashells to the interior of a submarine. Twice a year, the three seaside resorts “3 Kaiserbäder” are the venue for an international fashion world on the catwalk. Concerts, festivals, theatre, cabaret, markets, parties, cinema and so on…the island’s event programme has something on offer all year round for the whole family. (©

ethics for an ageing world

International Conference
Greifswald (Heringsdorf, Island of Usedom) Germany
September 23-26, 2010

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New York Times: an Island of ‘Singing’ Sand

Heringsdorf Pier
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